Friday, October 29, 2010

Give Your Plants a Coat for the Fall - Part 1

Compost is an organic amendment to improve the chemical, physical and biological properties of soils.  We produce a high-quality yard waste compost for sale to the public. "CoastalGrow" is available in bulk for $30.00 per ton at the Tuscarora Landfill, Grantsboro Transfer Station and Newport Transfer Station.

CEP grinds only clean yard waste (leaves, limbs, etc.) for compost. No painted, pressure-treated or creosote wood is used.

After grinding, the material is laid out in windrows and water is added.

As the compost continues to decompose, the windrows are kept moist and turned weekly to keep the process going.  The internal temperature of the windrows rises to over 131 degrees, killing off weed seeds and other undesirable matter.
Part 2 Tomorrow

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