Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Gotta Go Somewhere

Gas.  Even trash has it.  Once trash is in the landfill, it begins to decompose and produce LFG (landfill gas).

The largest component of LFG is methane.  It contributes greatly to global warming, and we are required to destroy it rather than release it into the atmosphere.  So where does it go?  Since 2007 we’ve sold it to INGENCO, a company that turns LFG into electricity.  INGENCO has a 4 megawatt power plant on our property in Tuscarora.  They operate 24-7 and produce enough electricity to supply 2,500 homes as well as the power plant.

As we grow so does the gas.  INGENCO designed their facility  to produce more electricity as we produce more gas.  We are proud to operate to the first landfill gas-to-electricity plant east of Raleigh.


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