Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Landfill Construction Project - Part 1

In late August, the Coastal Environmental Partnership (CEP) started up a "partial closure" project on the active phase of the long-term landfill. The term "partial closure" means that gas wells and liner materials are being in-stalled on the lower elevations of the landfill, with final wells and liner to be installed after the cell is complete. The purpose of doing this partial closure is two=fold: (1) to reduce odor coming from the landfill, and (2) to capture methane gas that can be sold for fuel to the CEP’s power generation operator.

The project is being built by Glover Construction of Pleasant Hill, NC at a cost of approximately $874,000. Glover Con-struction is the contractor that built this landfill cell and is well acquainted with how the cell was constructed and already had computerized drawings in their files. In addition to the seven gas wells, the pro-ject will have a liner system consisting of a gas migration layer, a geosynthetic clay layer, a 40-mil HDPE layer and a drainage layer. This composition is then covered with 24 inches of soil and seeded with grass.

Glover Construction Crew
installing liner materials

Part 2 tomorrow.

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