Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please Recycle Jewelry by Amy Brown Salter

Local jewelry maker, teacher and lover of the Earth, Amy Brown Salter announces that her work can now be found in the Earth Inspire catalog.

Amy calls this line of jewelry "Please Recycle".  She reuses beads and other pieces from old jewely as well as makes paper beads and pendants from aluminum can punches.

Actually, this would be better in Amy's words.  Amy?  "My collection, "Please Recycle Jewelry" is crafted of paper beads, which I make myself from magazines and catalogs along with pendants which are created from brightly colored and graphic aluminum cans. I also utilize older bits and pieces of jewelry that can be reused. Each set is created with the same color scheme, but each piece is always unique. I am trying to reduce my families carbon footprint in all possible ways and found that my jewelry and other recycled crafts could bring others a message when purchasing or receiving one of these green gifts.

Each set of "Please Recycle Jewelry" comes with a tiny tag that says "Please Recycle" and each is designed to represent and bring attention to a fragile ecosystem on earth. For example, I have sets that are called: Painted Desert, Coral Reef, Tropic Sea, Highland Meadow, Rainforest and Canyon".

Thank you Amy for all you do.

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