Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where Does Your Trash Go? Part 1

It’s something we seldom think about as we combine the contents of the bathroom garbage cans with the contents of the kitchen garbage can and tie the bag.  From there the bags usually go into a larger container outside for curbside pick up or you deliver the bags to the collection site yourself.  What then?

Whether you live in Carteret, Craven or Pamlico counties, that trash will eventually find a home at the Tuscarora Landfill.  If you live in Carteret or Pamlico County, the last stop your trash makes before leaving your county is a transfer station.  We operate both of them.  They are located on Hibbs Road in Newport (Carteret County) and Highway 306 N. in Grantsboro (Pamlico County).  At the Transfer Stations, the trash is loaded into tractor trailers and transported to the Tuscarora Landfill. 

Craven County trash picked up curbside or taken to a convenience center is delivered directly to the landfill.  Residents also have the choice of taking their trash directly to the landfill.

Part 2 Tomorrow

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