Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who is the last person to handle your garbage before it’s covered in the landfill?  Any one of four gentlemen we affectionately refer to as “The Guys on the Hill”.

Their job is not one of glamour.  Imagine everything you throw away in a day (and worse) then think of being surrounded by 665 tons of it.  All of the action takes place on the “working face” of the landfill.

The first order of business is guide the garbage trucks to a designated area of the working face. As the garbage leaves the truck someone is right there in a large compacting machine ready to compress the garbage with over 100,000 pounds of pressure.  Doing this maximizes air space within the landfill cell.

A ride in the compactor could be compared to a slow ride at the carnival.  Three miles per hour is its top speed.  But with all the twists and turns, operating this machine is not for a person inclined to have motion sickness.

Other equipment is also used on the working face.  Periodically during the day a layer of ash is put down to help settle and pack the trash.  And at the end of the day the trash is covered with six inches of dirt.  This is for pest and odor control.

Rain, snow, sleet or hail, 95 or 15 degrees—nothing slows them down.  To the “Guys on the Hill”,  thank you.  The work you do is very much appreciated.

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