Monday, December 6, 2010

Meet the Francoeurs

Janet and Michael Francoeur are great neighbors to New Bern's Downtown community and have been for a along time.  I would say they are the essense of the spirit of community.  Owners of Carolina Creations, they have been in New Bern since 1989.

I've always known Janet and Michael as environmentally friendly.  And as with everything else they do, their committment to the environment is cutting edge.  As I finished a transaction this week I told Janet that I didn't need a bag for my purchase.  Didn't want to be wasteful you know.  She smiled and said, "but these bags are made from recycled milk jugs."  Very cool!  At that point I had to have one.  Not just for transportation but demostration purposes as well.

Wait, it gets better.  Janet then showed me a bag made from paper that is used to test fabric prints.  Before designs are applied to fabrics, they are tested on paper.

Thank you Janet and Michael for all you do for New Bern and the environment.

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