Sunday, December 26, 2010

Organization Now Saves Time Next Christmas - Part 1

Thank you Peggy Barnes, the De-Clutter Bug for these helpful hints:

Our holiday season is here and will soon be over.  That is when the rest of the fun begins.....putting everything away!  Here are a few tips to putting everything away so that it is even easier to decorate next year.

1.  If your children get special ornaments each year, go ahead and put their initials on the bottom of the ornament and store each child's ornaments separately. 
2.  Sort your decorations by room and label accordingly.  If you like to move decorations around, this would not be the idea for you but many times some decorations just fit in certain places and year after year people expect to see those decorations in their special places.  For example, most of my santa collection goes in my kitchen cabinets.  All of my santas are stored together.  I bring those boxes downstairs, put what is in the cabinets currently into those boxes and put the santas in the cabinet.  Sometimes that is all the time I have and having them all together makes it a manageable decorating job. 
3.  Take pictures of what your decorations look like inside and outside.  Put the pictures in the box with the decorations and pull those pictures out for next year to help you remember exactly how it looked.
4.  Untangling lights each year can be a real hassle!  Wrap cords and lights around a piece of rectangular cardboard (cut to fit the size of your plastic bin).  Cut a slot in the top of one long side and the bottom of the other long side and after winding the lights/cords around the cardboard, secure the beginning and the end in the two slots. OR you can buy some specially made things that the lights can wrap around. Either way, when you are ready to hang the lights next year, you will be glad you took a few moments this year to keep the lights tangle free!
5.  Wreaths or swags can be hung, in a plastic bag, on the walls in a garage or an attic or stored in a specially made wreath storage box.

Part 2 Tommorrow.

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