Monday, December 27, 2010

Organization Now Saves Time Next Christmas - Part 2

Thank you Peggy Barnes, the De-Clutter Bug for these helpful hints:

Our holiday season is here and will soon be over.  That is when the rest of the fun begins.....putting everything away!  Here are a few tips to putting everything away so that it is even easier to decorate next year.

6.  Extra Christmas cards can be stored with your Christmas items or if they have a pretty picture on the front, can be donated to a school's art department to be used for art projects.

7.  Wrap candles, individually or by color, in tissue or plastic bags.  Store in a box that will be kept inside your home or another climate-controlled area. 

8.  Label boxes clearly!  It makes it so much easier when you are trying to locate something when the boxes show exactly what is inside.

9.  Go ahead and rid yourself of those decorations that have seen better days (unless they are unusually sentimental) or are no longer your decorating style.  Many of us have had those themed Christmas decorating times, that have since passed.  Donate those items to someone else that can enjoy decorating their home with them. 

10. Buy some tissue paper, at the Dollar Store, and wrap your fragile items in the paper.  This protects those special decorations   when "helpful" elves are helping you with putting things away and throughout the year ! 

11.  If you are shopping at after Christmas sales, for next year's gifts or wrapping paper, be sure and designate one place in your home for gifts or wrapping paper.  Label the gifts with the receiver's name.  Write down, in one notebook, the gifts that you gave this year and be sure and write down those gifts you have already purchased.  If you have to have special hiding places, write down next to the gift where you hid them!!  I have found many a gift, in de-cluttering, that the giver never gave because they forgot they had bought them or forgot where they hid them.

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