Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raking Leaves?

I love Fall.  The colors, the cooler temps, the smell of logs burning on the fire.  With that enjoyment comes responsibility; raking leaves. 

Yard waste is accepted at all three CEP facilities. Under State law, yard waste is not permitted in a landfill and must therefore be segregated for disposal. Only small, incidental amounts of yard waste may be co-mingled with MSW or C&D waste on the tipping floor or landfill working face.

Yard waste is not be accepted in plastic bags, except biodegradable bags tested and approved by CEP. Yard waste delivered in bags must be emptied at the yard waste unloading area and the bags properly disposed of at the site.  This ensures the yard waste is clean when we process it for compost. 

The disposal rate for yard waste is $15.00 per ton at the Tuscarora Landfill and $27.50 per ton at the Grantsboro and Newport Transfer Stations.  The additional $12.50 is for transportation  costs.

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