Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Great Pacific Ocean “Garbage Patch”

From ScienceRay:

Here are some terrible facts about this toxic mass of PLASTIC GARBAGE:

  1. The size of foul field of Trash is 2 times the size of Texas.
  2. It is said 1/5th of junk trapped in the “garbage patch” comes from ship dumping and the rest of the trash comes from human land trash.
  3. Environmental researchers believe 90% of the trash in the ocean dump is from plastic, which is not bio-degradable.
  4. Some environmentalists say there is 3.5 million tons of waste swirling in the Pacific vortex near the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
  5. Thousands of birds and sea-life creatures are dying from eating plastic particles in this huge debris field, because they can not digest the plastic and it dehydrates them or stops their digestive system from functioning.
  6. Some of the tiny plastic bits pass into the living systems of marine life and travel up the food chain until it lands on your dinner plate or in your fish sandwich! And, yikes…. Gulp…. you have eaten residual plastic! Perhaps a piece of your plastic grocery bag, water bottle, used condom or plastic chips bag ends up in your stomach.

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