Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Milk Jug Shovel

Thank you Earth911

After cutting the milk jug in half, a shovel emerges. Use the remaining portion as a planter (remember to puncture some holes) or as a scoop (sans handle).

To give you precision when placing soil in pots, and to prevent a total mess indoors, small, easy-to-control shovels are a welcome addition to any gardening operation.
To make your own shovel from recycled materials, save those milk jugs!

How to do it:
1. Cut off the top portion of the milk jug (the spout). Depending on the amount of shoveling you need to do, both half-gallon and gallon jugs will work.
2. About 1-2 inches underneath the handle, draw a line around the entire milk jug. Puncture the plastic jug so you can cut along the drawn line.
3. Cut along drawn line, and then get to work shoveling!

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