Friday, April 15, 2011

Recycle Your Car For a Tax Deduction

Do you have a junk vehicle you would like to get rid of?

Auto recyclers may choose to scrap your vehicle for parts or for its metal.  In many cases a person in need may already own an automobile of their own that has simply broken down due to the need of a replacement part. When you decide on auto recycling for your vehicle, the receiving recycling yard may be able to remove commonly needed parts and therefore be able to help several needy people at once.

If you live in the United States, another consideration is that the Internal Revenue Service allows a tax deduction of up to five hundred dollars per donated vehicle. The IRS provides an auto recycling guide via their website at

Ready to recycle your car, then? The Internet is a great place to find local auto recycling yards as well as more information on the subject. The environment will appreciate your contribution to sustainability, a person in need will appreciate your charitable donation, and you will appreciate the extra space in your driveway, garage or yard. If you’re in the US, the money in your wallet from your tax deduction will thank you too.

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