Sunday, May 8, 2011

Burt's Bees Committment to the Community

From Burt's Bees:

Our Culture

We care.

We've worked hard to create products that are honest and authentic, just like us. They reflect the culture that really exists within our walls — not flashy or fancy, but highly dedicated to doing the right thing for our brand and our loyal consumers. Burt's Bees is a company that cares about its consumers, the environment and the community and, equally as important, we care about each other.

This culture of caring drives our core values of steadfast commitment to The Greater Good, harmonious tension, passionate teamwork and embracing change. It also drives our everyday behaviors and activities. In the stewardship of our brand and the environment, we set high standards, build for the future and never compromise quality. We are dedicated to a debate and decide process, where we confront issues head on, challenge each other constructively and resolve issues amicably. We embrace a can-do attitude where we all roll up our sleeves to pitch in and take ownership, break the mold and celebrate action. And an incredible passion for people exists here, where we always give others the benefit of the doubt, celebrate excellence every day and invest in our growth.

Our culture of caring also influences how we re-inforce our values through our commitment to health and the environment, our development and recruiting activities, how we measure and reward employees' performance and how we communicate and celebrate our achievements.
Yeah, we're a little quirky. We have an extremely diverse group in experience, backgrounds and ways of working, which makes for an engaging and positively challenging environment. People feel free to express and be themselves around here, which makes for very few dull moments.

We are a very fast-paced, nimble company that, because of our size and entrepreneurial spirit, is able to get things done very quickly.

Ongoing Employee Engagement

We want to ensure that all our employees have the information and inspiration they need to act in ways that are environmentally and socially responsible, both at work and at home. And we’re continually looking for ways to get them involved.
  • A dedicated team of Burt’s Bees employees host an ongoing series of environmental educational sessions, focusing on everything from waste reduction to municipal commuter planning programs
  • A monthly in-house ECO-Web Newsletter is published to broadcast useful environmental websites that can keep our employees up to date
  • “Lunch and Learn” sessions engage employees on such topics as energy offsets and carpooling

Sustainability Within Our Walls

We're always looking for opportunities to express our values and vision in ways that reach beyond our day-to-day work of creating the best natural personal care products available. Several years ago, a group of Burt’s Bees employees came together with a common goal of making a difference in our company’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. They named themselves the Environmentally Conscious Organization Bringing Ecologically Empowered Solutions, a lofty name with a great acronym - ECOBEES. While the name may not have rolled off the tongue, their passion for positive change spoke volumes. The ECOBEES exist to pioneer and inspire the way we think and act as a business by focusing on innovative alternatives for living and working in harmony with our environment.

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