Monday, May 9, 2011

Burt's Bees Green Packaging

From Burt's Bees:

Green Packaging

Our Products are Safe for You, Safe for the Environment

You know by now that our products are made from the purest natural ingredients available to ensure your and your family’s well-being. But how our products are created and packaged is equally as important in order to ensure that we protect the environment.

Our Packaging Mission

We follow the highest possible sustainable packaging standards. We strive to use the most environmentally responsible packaging systems available that meet or exceed regulatory, product and customer requirements. We also continue to lead by pioneering new systems to further the development of sustainable alternatives for all to use because it ensures The Greater Good™.

Our Packaging Innovations

As a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, we’re continuing to develop innovative sustainable packaging solutions for ourselves—and the industry. In addition to using the highest approved levels of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) or Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) and recyclable materials whenever possible, here are a few of our other achievements:

  • Our new lip balm and lip shimmer packaging labels are now shrink wrap free. In just one year this has eliminated 1800 miles of shrink wrap film that would have been sent to the landfill — enough to wrap the Statue of Liberty 100 times!
  • We’ve trimmed the excess packaging from many of our products — some by 50 percent!
  • We’ve also pioneered the introduction of TerraSkin™ Wraps, an environmentally friendly, treeless and bleach-free paper alternative we use to package most of our bar soaps. It has a lower absorption rate so we can use 20-30 percent less ink when printing. And because it’s stronger and water resistant, it makes for less waste.

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