Friday, May 20, 2011

Clean Out Your Closets and Receive 30% Discount From the Gap

From   Do Your Part

Gap and Goodwill are joining forces to raise money for job training. Beginning today until May 29, customers can bring donated clothing to Gap stores and get a 30 percent discount in return. The clothing donations will be given to Goodwill and sold in the more than 2,500 Goodwill stores nationwide. Money raised at Goodwill helps fund job training and employee placement programs for the unemployed.

It’s all part of the Donate Movement, an effort by Goodwill to educate the public on the positive impact donations can have and people and the planet. Goodwill’s job training resources help people who want to work but need Goodwill’s help to find and keep a job. Donating clothing is also good for the environment since it extends the life of usable products and keeps them out of the landfill.

Just like the recycle symbol helps people remember to recycle bottles and cans, Goodwill has come up with a donate symbol reminding people that many things can be donated rather than thrown away. Goodwill estimates one pair of donated jeans can provide someone in the local community with ten minutes of resume preparation services. In 2010, the organization provided services to more than 2.4 million people and diverted more than two billion pounds of usable items from the landfill. The President of Goodwill says “Through the Donate Movement, Goodwill aims to increase conscious donations by raising consumer awareness of the power their donations can have in strengthening their communities”.

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