Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Electronics Ban Coming Soon

As directed by SESSION LAW 2010-67, SENATE BILL 887, Discarded computer equipment, as defined in G.S. 130A‑309.131.  and discarded televisions, as defined in G.S. 130A‑309.131. will be banned from North Carolina landfills effective July 1, 2011.

We know from past Electronics Recycling Events that there is a huge quantity of discarded electronics in our service area.  We also know that people want to do the right thing when is come to disposing of the electronics.

The NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA) estimates that North Carolina currently has between 67,575 and 111,642 tons of electronic waste available for recycling.   This estimate is based on the EPA’s estimate and state waste characterization studies.  Bringing it closer to home, it is estimated that 1,285 tons of discarded electronics are available for recycling in our tri-county area.  Think about all of the electronics in your home.  We’ve definitely had a paradigm shift in our consumption of electronics.   I remember growing up when one TV was adequate for our family of six.  Now as a single adult I make use of 4 TV’s in my home. 

Home Electronics Disposal

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