Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tired of That Old Roof?

by DoYourPart  
Photo Credit: EuroShield

Homeowners can save money and the environment with a new type of roofing made from recycled rubber. EuroShield roof shingles contain over 75 percent recycled materials, mostly from used car tires. The company is able to divert thousands of  tires from landfills and turn them into what the company says is a durable and dependable roof. Anywhere from 600 to 1,000 rubber tires are used to make the roof of an average sized home. Any scrap material generated during installation can be collected and recycled again. reports recycled rubber shingles have the durability and protection of rubber and can last longer than conventional roofing material. To make the shingles from an old tire, the tirewall is removed and the tread section is cut into large pieces. After the treading is buffed off the rubber is coated with slate dust or sawdust. The pieces are then heated and molded into a shape that resembles a traditional shingle. Since the shingles are made from recycled materials they are often less expensive and most offer a 30 year warranty.

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