Monday, June 20, 2011

From Recycling Bin To Shelf in 30 Days...Glass



The Never-Ending Glass Recycling Story

Recycling glass is another super easy way to Do Your Part. It’s as close to instant gratification as you can get in the recycling world. A recycled glass bottle can be back on a store shelf in as little as 30 days and can be recycled over and over again!

Think about the glass that’s in your kitchen right now. Glass jars hold jelly, baby food, spices, drinks, sauces, pickles, oils and a whole lot more. It only takes a moment to rinse them out and recycle them.

Remember to take the lids off because they can jam the recycling machinery.
Recycled glass is all around us. You can find it in fiberglass insulation, concrete, matches, highway reflective paint and ceramic tiles.

Creating glass from scratch requires sand, soda ash and limestone to be heated to 2600 degrees. Making glass from recycled glass uses 40% less energy because the glass melts at a much lower temperature. So recycle all of those glass jars and bottles. You’ll be doing your part to conserve energy and cut down on pollution.

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