Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Off Your Can and Recycle It


First off, it just couldn’t be simpler. After you drink your favorite beverage, you toss it in recycling bin. But the coolest part is what happens to it after that!

These valuables cans are hauled off to a recycling center. Who knows how many times they’ve been there before because aluminum cans can be recycled forever! Yes — forever! Not only that, recycling an aluminum can saves 95% of the energy that’s used to make a brand new can from virgin materials.
Here’s how that affects all of us. The energy saved by recycling just one can can actually power a TV for three hours. The energy saved by making cans with recycled materials could light Washington, DC for nearly 4 years. And, recycling aluminum creates 97% less water pollution than creating a can from scratch.

Could it get any better? Yes!

Aluminum is the one recycled product that not only pays for itself; it also helps pay for the collection of all the other recyclables in your bin including the paper, plastics and glass. That’s because it’s the most valuable. The cans typically make up 20% of what is in everyone’s recycling bin but they generate 70% of the total value of what’s in the bin.

Each American uses roughly 400 aluminum cans each year. Right now, a little more than half make it back to a recycling center. The rest are just filling up our landfills. It only takes 60 days for a recycled can to make it back to a store shelf and the benefits are phenomenal.

So Do Your Part and make sure you try to buy beverages in aluminum cans instead of plastic ones and make sure every can ends up in a recycling bin.

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