Monday, June 6, 2011

NC Green Travel Tips - Cut Down on Lighting


As the seasons change, smart tourism managers are once again evaluating their lighting policy to ensure that only necessary lights are used and turned on only when needed. The EPA estimates that lighting is responsible for 13 percent of the energy usage in commercial buildings and, while it is important to have lighting in essential areas to ensure customer and staff safety, leaving unnecessary lights on can lead to direct losses in your business’s bottom line. For example BlueMap Inc estimates that a typical hotel that leaves its parking lot lights on just one hour longer than needed results in $250 a year wasted in unnecessary energy usage. Turning off or down unnecessary lighting can result in additional benefits as well. The EPA reported that when the Comfort Inn & Suites Boston turned overnight lighting in guest hallways down by 50 percent, not only did they increase their energy savings, but overnight staff received fewer noise complaints from guests. To learn more about how turning off unnecessary lights can help your tourism organization start saving energy and reduce operating costs, contact Tom Rhodes at

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