Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plastic Bottle Recycling Increases

Plastic Bottle Recycling Jumps after 2009 Landfill Ban

by Scott Mouw, Community and Business Assistance Section Chief
The Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach (DEAO) recently analyzed the effects of the plastic bottle ban on local government recycling efforts.  There has been a steady rise in plastic bottle recovery by municipal and county programs, with a 22 percent jump in the fiscal year the ban took effect.

Overall, North Carolina has been making steady progress on its plastic bottle recycling rate.  DEAO will continue to evaluate the effects of the plastic bottle disposal ban, however, preliminary results show increased supplies available to plastic reclaim-ers. 

For more information, con-tact Scott Mouw at
scott.mouw@ncdenr.gov or (919) 716-6512.

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