Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rates Remain the Same This Year

Disposal Rates

Our Board of Directors recently voted to keep the disposal rates the same for FY2011-2012.  The tipping fee at the Tuscarora Landfill is $36 per ton.  A $2 excise tax mandated by NC General Stature 105-187.61 brings the rate to $38 per ton.  $12.50 per ton is included in the transfer station fees for MSW, Yard Waste, Pallets, C&D and contaminated loads.  That cost is for transportation and operating the transfer stations.

Regional Landfill,                                                     Tuscarora     Transfer Stations
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)                                 $38.00/Ton      $50.50/Ton
Yard Waste (YW)                                                    $15.00/Ton      $27.50/Ton
Pallets                                                                    $15.00/Ton      $27.50/Ton
Special Handling (asbestos, etc.)                          $77.00/Ton      Not Accepted
Minimum Charge                                                           $ 1.00      $1.00
Penalty Charge - Contaminated Loads                $74.00/Ton     $86.50/Ton
Compost (CoastalGrow)                                        $30.00/Ton    $30.00/Ton
Mixed C & D                                                            $38.00/Ton    $50.50/Ton
Inert Debris                                                                $7.50/Ton    Not Accepted
Truck Weights                                                           $25.00           $25.00
Tires not generated in the normal $85.00 $85.00
    course of business

License and Miscellaneous:
       Hauler License                                                                     $25.00
      Truck Permit (Set)                                                                 $  5.00
      Uncovered Loads                                                               2 x Normal Fee
      Unacceptable Waste                                                         2 x Cost of Disposal
      Ticket Copies                                                                       $1.00 Each
      Finance Charge—Delinquent Accounts                            1.5% Per Month

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