Thursday, August 11, 2011

De-clutter for Back to School Part 2

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Children's School Papers and Art Work
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August 2011
Art Work
Children's artwork can be overwhelming.  Beginning with their first scribbles all the way to their art work in high school you can end up with an incredible amount of "art". 

There are several ways to deal with art work when it comes into the house.

1.  Display for a Limited Amount of Time - Have a designated spot in the home for displaying those art pieces.  Display them for a day, week or month and then replace them with another piece of art.
 2.  Display in a Frame - There are currently frames, on the market, that will allow you to display one piece of art and store several other pieces of art behind the one displayed (see picture below). They are available online and at stores like Target.  This option allows you to easily change what is being displayed. 
3.  Collect All the Art Work for 1 Year - When the child comes home with the art work, put it in a designated spot.......a box, a drawer, an under-the-bed box, etc.  Then when the year is out, look through all the art work and pick out those pieces that are the best and represent your child best.  Put the "keeps" in a permanent storage box that is designated just for your child.

4.  Display Areas - If you have an area of your house that you can set up to hang the art work, many people choose this option.  Below are several ideas that you can choose from or one of these ideas may spark an idea of your own!


This poster was created by a company called  Take several of your child's favorite pieces and upload to their site and you can create your own. 
Create your own photobook of your child's art work or of your child holding his/her art work. Through Snapfish or Shutterfuly you can do this easily. 

5.  Permanent Storage -There are several ways to store their art work.  

    Clear Storage Containers
Art Portfolios  
Archival Boxes

6.  Sharing Art Work - Giving some of your child's art work to grandparents, aunts, uncles is fine as long as you are not overwhelming them and expecting them to see it as the "masterpiece" that you do. Taking some of the art work to a nursing home to brighten someone's day is always a fun idea and a great lesson for your children. 

Just remember, when you are saving anything for your children, someone is going to have to deal with it in the future.  Don't burden them with so much memorabilia they become overwhelmed and can't enjoy any of it!

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