Saturday, September 17, 2011

Burning Questions

If you’re still cleaning your yard and thinking about burning, consider the following from the Division of Air Quality:

If you choose to burn debris, you need to do at least two things to be sure that you are doing it legally:

• Make sure you have a valid permit. You can obtain a burning permit at any N.C. Division of Forest Resources office or permitting agent or online at
• Check on local open burning restrictions established by your county or city- outside burning may be prohibited, or may only be permitted during specified hours.

Limit open burning as much as possible because the smoke from outdoor fires can cause serious health problems.  It is wise to avoid burning materials that can be toxic such as: building materials; asphalt shingles; heavy oils; wire, plastics and other synthetic materials; tires and other rubber products; paints, and household and agricultural chemicals.

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