Friday, December 16, 2011

The Early Years of Trash

10000 BCGarbage becomes an issue as people first begin to establish permanent settlements
400 BCThe first municipal dump is established in ancient Athens
200The first sanitation force is created by the Romans. Teams of two men walk along the streets, pick up garbage and throw it in a wagon.
1388The English Parliament bans dumping of waste in ditches and public waterways.
1551 The first recorded use of packaging: German papermaker Andreas Bernhart begins placing his paper in wrappers labeled with his name and address.
1657New Amsterdam (now Manhattan) passes a law against casting waste in the streets.
1690The Rittenhouse Mill, America's first paper mill, opens in Philadelphia making paper from recycled cotton and linen as well as used paper.
1710Colonists in Virginia commonly bury their trash. Holes are filled with building debris, broken glass or ceramic objects, oyster shells and animal bones. They also throw away hundreds of suits of armor that were sent to protect colonists from arrows of native inhabitants.

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