Thursday, January 19, 2012

When is a Countertop Not a Counter Top?

Texas Man Makes Gifts from Old Countertops

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After home remodels, scraps of old countertop often find their way into the trash. But Kyle Douthit saw potential in these acrylic surfaces and transformed them into a business. Photo: Flickr/Augie Schwer

Kyle Douthit worked in the countertop installation business for years and saw pounds of leftovers from home remodels get dumped in the trash. About five years ago, the Abilene, Texas resident devised a clever way to recycle old acrylic surfaces – use them to create gifts inspired by his home state.

Douthit noticed that the nonporous surfaces would make great trivets or cutting boards and began experimenting with the materials in his driveway, according to an article published on Tuesday by Abilene news provider Reporter News.

“My family came up on some tough financial times,” Douthit told Reporter News. “I started just collecting the small pieces, making gifts for family and friends.”

Douthit first began testing the materials in his spare time, creating 8-by-8 acrylic boards in the shape of Texas, according to the article. Recipients found diverse uses for the unique gifts, from pizza servers to business card displays.

Five years later, Douthit transformed his front yard hobby into an online business that has replaced his full-time job. His collection of Texas-themed cheese plates, serving plates and cutting boards – dubbed Triv-Boards – sell for less than $30 and have become a raging hit in the Lone Star state.
“You never know where blessings are going to come from,” he said in the interview. “But I’ve learned that sometimes they come in the form of a Texas trivet.”

Douthit cuts each piece of acrylic by hand and sands down the edges to create a smooth finish. And his whole family has gotten in on the recycling action. It’s not uncommon for his daughters Brittney, 17, and Emily, 14, to be in the warehouse working on pieces, Douthit said in the article.

Triv-Boards are available for purchase online and in some local retailers. A portion of all sales from November and December – the company’s busiest season – will be donated to Tents of Mercy, a ministry in Israel.

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