Saturday, February 25, 2012

I-BeamDesign pallet house

I-BeamDesign pallet house

Thank you I-BeamDesign

Prototype built for Prince Charles Royal Gardens in conjunction with IBM, The Financial Times, and The Earth Awards. – LONDON, UK. 2010

This shelter was designed for refugees in Kosovo, back in 2006. Now it is being developed by i-beam design for use as inexpensive and efficient low-cost housing not only for people displaced by natural disasters but also as a solution for affordable pre-fab housing. In most cases in a disaster relief effort, many of the pallets will arrive as part of the transportation of food and materials; so the basic materials are there already. The shelters can be built by hand at a rate of 500-600 pallets per day. One transitional shelter measuring 10’ x 20’ would take 80 pallets to build and cost approximately $500.

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