Monday, February 20, 2012

Junk Mail Art

Amazing Junk Mail Art

junk mail art

Sandhi Schimmel Gold creates creates beautiful mosaic portraits out of junk mail. Gold starts with a painting, then collages tiny, hand-cut paper "tiles" to the pieces. Her work features celebrity portraits in vibrant colors.

The idea behind Gold's art is to make a statement about beauty and consumption. Here's her artist statement:Junk Mail Art
My work reflects our society's obsession with beauty through advertising - and the endless images that bombard us daily. It is a purposeful intermix of images derived from advertising and thousands of incongruent pieces - images and text - from advertising that arrives through my mailbox. Assembled like a mosaic; thesel paper tiles create an entirely new image - an eclectic and tactile portrait reworked in my imagination, utilizing materials that would otherwise go to waste.
Of course, reusing junk mail is nothing new, but these beautiful portraits definitely take the idea of repurposing in a different direction and send a strong message at the same time!
by Becky Striepe    GreenUpgrader

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