Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bluetooth Keyboard Made of Bamboo

Take a Look: Bluetooth Keyboard Made of Bamboo

The iZen keyboard is made from 92 percent bamboo. Photo: iZen

Between staring at pixels and typing on plastic, living your work life behind a computer keyboard can make you feel far from nature. But one Kickstarter campaign is out to reduce plastic landfill waste and get you closer to natural materials.

You’ve heard of iPad and Bluetooth keyboards, but designer Robin Behrstock is taking the idea au naturel – or at least close to it. Handmade from 92 percent bamboo, the rechargeable iZen keyboard is compatible with smart phones, tablet PCs and any other Bluetooth-enabled products you own.

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After an initial self-funded round of manufacturing, iZen is nearly out of product and they’re seeking the public’s help to get the next step off the ground

As of publishing time, Behrstock’s Kickstarter campaign has reached just over $13,800 of its $18,000 goal. Funders who back the campaign will receive keyboards or tablet stands. The more you donate, the more products you receive, with shipping included.

As an added benefit, when you’re done with the product, you don’t have to worry about it sitting in a landfill for years to come. It’s recyclable and lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not durable. Bamboo fibers are notoriously tough, the company suggests.

“Bamboo is known as the greenest material on the planet,” the company says on its website. “It can survive and thrive in drought and flood conditions. It uses very little water to grow and requires no pesticides or fertilizers. It grows up to 40 times faster than traditional hardwood trees, giving it bragging rights in any forest. This amazing wood contributes 35 percent more oxygen than an equivalent strand of trees.”

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Another option is to send the “dead” keyboard back to the company. They’ll ensure the product is recycled properly and each participant receives a $10 coupon toward his/her next purchase.
The iZen is arguably far more chic than the typical plastic keyboard. What do you think?

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