Monday, April 23, 2012

100 % Pure Imagination

Recycling Boosted by Pure Imagination

The Imagination Factory, solid waste
Trashasaurus Rex, the Imagination Factory's mascot made of solid waste. Photo: Marilyn Brackney, The Imagination Factory

Willie Wonka invited a whole generation to be part of “a world of pure imagination.”
Lovers of this ’80s movie-must grew up knowing that imagination could bring you wonderful things, including edible flowers and rivers of chocolate. The Imagination Factory, the brainchild of artist and teacher Marilyn Brackney, has been teaching the youth of today that very same message but adding in a new twist – recycling.

In 1996, Brackney expanded her classroom teachings by launching The Imagination Factory online. As stated on the website, “The purpose of the site is to teach reuse and recycling concepts through art activities using solid waste as a source of free materials.”

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