Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chandelier Made from Plastic Recyclables

Must-See: Chandelier Made from Plastic Recyclables

Katharine Harvey's "Chandelier" piece in Toronto, Canada. A similar work was unveiled in New York City on April 15. Photo: Katharine Harvey

On Earth Day we’re reminded to recycle, but one Toronto-based artist is giving New York City a new idea of reuse.

On April 15, artist Katharine Harvey unveiled her 21 foot tall, 15 foot wide sculpted chandelier at New York City’s World Financial Center Winter Garden, made of thousands of used plastic containers. Water bottles, take-out boxes, egg cartons and more will be woven into an elaborate, light-reflecting chandelier like the Toronto example above.
Chandeliers are the picture of luxury. Harvey literally turns trash into treasure.

Beyond the appropriately-named piece, Chandelier, Harvey considers reuse and upcycling a way of life. The artist regularly takes plastic packaging and dollar store items and turns them into complex works of art. Other public pieces she created include “Waterfall,” an assembled wall of plastic packaging meant to look like cascading water, bringing up ideas of nature and how our trash often infiltrates it.

On her Facebook fan page, Harvey is asking fans to drop by the World Financial Center and drop off their clean plastic recyclables to use for the exhibit. The chandelier will remain in its NYC location through May 11

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