Friday, April 13, 2012

Fast Company’ Mag Defends Recycled Paper

Fast Company’ Mag Defends Recycled Paper
Fast Company builds on its already innovative reputation with a new video explaining how it’s leading the way in paper reduction within the publishing community.

“Sustainability is one of the core areas that Fast Company focuses on, so in order to practice what we preach, we need to use recycled paper,” says Fast Company Managing Editor Allegra Lagani. Not only are readers appreciative of the publication’s choice, but even advertisers are looking for recycled paper in the publication in which they choose to advertise.

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What can a magazine switching to recycled paper really do for the environment? According to Green America’s Better Paper Project and the Environmental Paper Network’s Paper Calculator, if the entire North American magazine industry included just 30% post-consumer recycled paper in their publications, we’d save:
  • 10 million+ trees
  • 7 billion gallons of wastewater
  • More than 1.5 billion pounds of CO2 (the equivalent of removing over 160,000 cars from the road)
With 97% of the magazine industry still using virgin fiber paper, Fast Company’s initiatives should help an entire industry rethink its sourcing.

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