Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Build a soda bottle bird feeder

You can make a simple, quick DIY bird feeder out of a soda bottle and two wooden spoons or dowels. Photo: Instructables.com

Soda bottle bird feeder

A favorite of the elementary school classroom, the soda bottle bird feeder is a simple DIY project for bird lovers of all ages. After rescuing a 1-2 liter soda bottle from the recycling bin, look around your house or yard for two wooden spoons, dowels or twigs you can use for the project; these will create a place for the birds to sit while they eat.

Then follow the instructions on BirdFeederPlans.org to cut small holes in the bottle where you will insert the spoons or dowels; parents will need to help their kids with this step. Fill the bottle with bird seed, twist the cap back on and then hang the bird feeder from a tree or porch with string or fishing line.

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