Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest Solid Waste Report Highlights

NC Solid Waste Report Shows Decreased Disposal, Progress on Recycling

NC DENR has posted the North Carolina Solid Waste and Materials Management Annual Report for FY11 with a comprehensive overview of disposal, recycling, and other waste management issues statewide.  Much of the data for this document comes from facility and local government solid waste reports submitted in the fall of 2011.  Highlights from the report this year include:
  • The state per capita disposal rate fell below one ton per person per year for the first time since base fiscal year 1991-92.
  • Solid waste disposal has fallen 27 percent since fiscal year 2005-06, largely due to continuing recycling efforts and decreased construction.
  • Recycling of traditional recyclable materials, such as paper, glass, aluminum and steel cans, and plastic, increased 5.4 percent from fiscal year 2009-10 to fiscal year 2010-11. Plastic bottle recycling in particular increased 23.4 percent last year and has increased by close to 45 percent over the last two years.
  • Electronics materials collected by local programs has almost doubled since fiscal year 2008-09, rising from .84 to 1.55 pounds per capita in fiscal year 2010-11.
  • The number of curbside recycling programs reached a record high of 283, serving more than 1.68 million households across the state.
  • Oil filter collection by local government recycling programs has tripled since fiscal year 2008-09, driven in large part by the filter disposal ban.
Prices for recyclable materials were extremely strong in fiscal year 2010-11 before declining slightly at the end of the fiscal year, indicating healthy market demand for recovered commodities.

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