Sunday, April 15, 2012

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Take a Look: 100 Percent Recycled Sunglasses Frames

BTL sunglasses
A look at the imprinted design of BTL sunglasses. Photo: BTL Optical
Cheap sunglasses come at a price that isn’t always obvious – an environmental one.

Between creating new plastic and materials to manufacture frames and the hefty shipping footprint of foreign-made goods, those beach sunglasses start to look less appealing. Los Angeles-based BTL Optical is looking to bypass the environmentally unfriendly process by using recycled materials to create new, fashionable eyewear looks, but they need your help.
In order to produce the recycled frames, BTL Optical needs a costly injection molding tool. That’s where you come in. On their Kickstarter page, designers of the imprinted wayfarer-style frames are asking for $26,500 to help fund their frame-forming dreams.
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“Not only are BTL frames designed in Los Angeles, but we manufacture and assemble in Southern California as well,” the company says on its website. “This is a very important aspect of our brand and we are very proud to offer American made products.”
Of course, your good deed will be rewarded with one or more pairs of sunglasses that will eventually retail for $100 and up. The company is asking for pledges between $65 and $250 and is currently close to breaking $6,500 in pledges.

As with all Kickstarter projects, the company will only be funded if they reach their goal.
Every pair of BTL sunglasses is shipped in an eco-friendly box made from recycled materials and is encased in upcycled fabric from used clothing. The lenses, however, aren’t recycled.

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