Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eat Green While Eating Out

Eat Green While Eating Out

Taggia, a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona's FireSky Resort, serves dishes made with local, seasonal ingredients. Photo: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911

Written by Arthur Bovino, The Daily Meal

Dining out may not be the most socially-conscious, environmentally-sound practice. After all, you can be more careful about sourcing, cooking practices, composting and recycling at home. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to make eating out more socially conscious.

According to the Green Restaurant Association, 48% of the average American food budget is spent on dining out. Eating at Certified Green Restaurants is one way to dine responsibly. The Green Restaurant Association lists more than 150 restaurants across the country that they’ve certified as “green.” Some of the most interesting and high-profile restaurants might surprise you.

You can also encourage restaurants to be more environmentally conscious. How? Leave comment cards or email them encouraging them to “go green” if they already aren’t. Standards they need to comply with include water efficiency, recycling, using sustainable building materials, serving sustainable foods, efficient energy use, disposables and attention to chemical and pollution reduction

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