Friday, May 18, 2012

EcoBorder Turns Old Tires into Landscape Edging

EcoBorder Turns Old Tires into Landscape Edging

A look at EcoBorder's brown edging option, made from recycled tires. Photo: EcoBorder
If you toss out an old tire and let it sit in a landfill, in 100 years, it will still look like a tire.

No biological organisms are known to be able to break down the durable nature of vulcanized rubber, which is a great thing when the tires are on your car, but not so great when it comes time to dispose of them.
But what if your old tires could be used to keep your yard clean and tidy yet flourishing with flowers, greenery and vegetables? That’s the idea behind the recently launched EcoBorder, a gardening purveyor that turns old tires into borders for gardens and landscaping.

Combining used rubber with glue and exterior paint – which turns the borders green, black, brown and red – EcoBorder edging is next to indestructible, the company says on its website.

“To best understand the longevity of these products you can reference some of the other applications for crumb rubber; such as speed bumps, parking stops, rubber infilled synthetic turf fields, playground equipment, horse mats and handicapped ramps just to name a few,” the site says.

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Unlike traditional block borders, EcoBorder can be bent and stretched up to 70 degrees, which means you can get those perfectly circular or curvy borders. Little cutting is needed and installation requires no digging – just connect each piece and stake it into the ground.

EcoBorder comes in 4-foot-long pieces and are sold in packs of two and six at about $10 per piece. The product is sold at Lowe’s, The Home Depot and various other retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada

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