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New App Targets Illegal Dumping

New App Targets Illegal Dumping

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Illegal dumping is a growing problem in the U.S. and abroad. It’s difficult for agencies to keep up with the new dump sites that continue to pop up daily, but now any person with a smartphone can help.

The TrashOut app was developed like the Foursquare of waste reduction. Users can earn badges for reporting illegal dumping sites, taking pictures of waste, confirming dumping sites and cleaning up waste.

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The app was developed in Slovakia, where over 130 illegal dumps were reported within the first two months of the app launch, according to the site.
TrashOut recently expanded to the Czech Republic and Croatia, and the company plans to expand worldwide. In the United States, the app is available as a free download for iPhone. The Android version is still in development.

The TrashOut app and website feature a Trash Map that shows nearby illegal dumping sites. Slovakia now has 375 reported dumping sites, most of which include user-submitted photos of waste. Dumping sites in the U.S. are still being compiled and verified and aren’t yet shown on the site’s map.

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The site compiles its reports in the statistics column with a breakdown of illegal dumps by type. The leading European dump types are household, plastic, and glass.
By raising awareness of illegal dumping activities, TrashOut plans to assist with global waste reduction.

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