Saturday, May 26, 2012

Shave Money Off of Your Water Bill

Stop Shaving, Save Water: How Far Can You Grow?

The average shave uses 5 gallons of water. The average beard is awesome. Your directive is clear.
Budweiser recently launched its “Grow One. Save a Million” campaign, a push to save a million gallons of water by encouraging people to abstain from shaving. Participating in the campaign is simple: Once Facebook users “like” Bud’s page, they are able to pledge to participate, submit and browse photos of beards-in-progress, see how much water has been saved to-date, and more.
We’ve highlighted many ways to save water over the years, but none quite like this. Consider Earth911 to be “all in.”
A number of Earth911 employees, both male and female, will banish razors for the next two weeks, embrace the rugged beauty of an au natural look and save a whole bunch of water in the process. In two week’s time, we’ll revisit our wooly participants, gawk at each dandy duster in detail and tabulate the total waste-reducing impact of a shave-less two weeks.
Our goal is to save as much water during this time as we can, not only in our office, but with our readers in the mix too. Want to join us? Make sure we know you’re participating so we can add you to the total count. Here are a few ways how:
  1. Tweet and share this story using the Twitter and Facebook buttons below.
  2. Tell us with an @Reply to our Twitter that you’re participating.
  3. Look for posts about this story on our Facebook Page and comment that you’ve joined.
We’ll tally up how many people participated and let you know how much we collectively saved. And in return, you get virtual high-fives from our team and some excellent karma for making a positive change.
Ready, set, grow!
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