Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hilton to Recycle Used Hotel Mattresses

Hilton to Recycle Used Hotel Mattresses

Hilton Hotels will recycle 85 percent of its mattresses through new program. Photo: Hilton International

Hilton Worldwide recently announced a mattress recycling program that will recycle spent mattress materials into household products. In partnership with DH Hospitality, materials like steel springs will become tools, cars and construction materials, wood will become particle board shelving and tempered flooring, cotton fibers will become oil filters and stuffing while quilt scrap will become carpet padding.

The global hoteliers have purchased a staggering 50,000 new mattresses over the last two years to replace old sets and furnish new hotels. Through the program, Hilton will now recycle 85 percent of the mattresses used in their hotels. Stained and otherwise heavily damaged mattresses not fit for recycling will be thrown away.

The lifecycle of a hotel mattress differs greatly from your normal home sleeper. Factors like fluctuating weights of guests and overnight movement can stress the mattress, according to Hilton spokesperson Dasha Ross, which is why Hilton switches out hotel mattresses every five to seven years, rather than the at-home recommended ten.

In addition to recycling mattresses, Hilton plans to donate used items to Good360, a program that seeks out local nonprofits in need of goods.

It’s all a part of Hilton’s ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impact. In 2008, the hotel chain announced a plan to reduce its waste by 20 percent in five years. It reached the goal in 2011, two years ahead of time.

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