Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Not-For-Profit Recycles Ink Cartridges for Vets

Recycle4Vets turns your used cartridges into cash for homeless and underemployed veterans. Photo: Flickr

Ink cartridges are not your average piece of household waste. 375 million ink cartridges are disposed of in the U.S. yearly, with as many as 350 million, landing in landfills, according to industry figures.

Now you can prevent adding your cartridge to the heap and help your fellow man.

Recycle4Vets, a new, online-based not-for-profit, helps homeless and underemployed vets by recycling cartridges, refilling them and reselling them while turning over 100 percent of profits to those in need. Using the service can save a consumer between 35 and 80 percent over buying an entirely new cartridge, according to the Recycle4Vets website.

“As a steward of the environment, we want you to send us any and all cartridges. If they have no value we will grind the unusable parts up at our collection facility and then re-use the ground plastic to create other plastic products. This creates a closed loop recycling process that keeps millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills each year,” the company says on its website.
Individual ink cartridge donors can go to the Recycle4Vets website and print out a prepaid shipping label. For groups collecting cartridges at a company, church or school, the not-for-profit will provide an on-site box to collect ink cartridges, toner jets and even cell phones.

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