Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shingle Recycler R2R Opens New Facility in North Carolina

Shingle Recycler R2R Opens New Facility in North Carolina by Sherry Yarkosky, Recycling Business Development Specialist

The facility has a solid waste permit with the state and can sort mixed loads of re-roofing waste. How-ever, R2R offers a reduced tip fee for clean loads of shingles. To further incentivize receiving clean shin-gles, R2R offers free, heavy-duty, 60-gallon trash bags to roofers to put shingle wrappers, tar paper and other non-recycled materials when cleaning up at the jobsite. The non-recyclable bagged items are placed in R2R’s courtesy trash container for dis-posal.
Operations Manager Nick Mull said that roofing contractors are starting to warm up to the idea of recycling instead of landfill disposal. "The hardest part is getting roofers and haulers to break the habit of going to a waste disposal facility and instead go to our recycling facility," explains Nick.

 "Once roofers figure out that they can save $10-$15 per ton on disposal fees, they realize that the landfill disposal savings offsets the cost of gas money spent for the week."
R2R follows a testing protocol to ensure shingles are free from asbestos. After 2,000 tons of shingles are accumulated, the shingles are ground and sold to a local paver to offset a percentage of the virgin liq-uid asphalt used in hot mix asphalt production. In addition to shingles, metal and pallets are also recy-cled by R2R.

R2R is located at 6311 Burnt Poplar Road in Greensboro. R2R Corporate Offices are located in Kansas City, Mo. In addition to the new North Carolina recycling facility, R2R has shingle recycling locations in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

For more information about R2R-Greensboro, go to or contact Nick Mull, facility manager, at or 336-500-1357

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