Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Kickstarter Project Turns Soda Bottles, Shipping Pallets into Roofing

A prototype sketch of what will become the SodaBIB shelter. Photo: SodaBIB
You’ve heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but what if one man’s trash could be another’s shelter?

That’s the idea behind SodaBIB, or Soda Bottle Interface Bracket, a project prototype that would turn plastic water bottles into a thatch roof perfect for huts and other economical adobes.

Americans consume a shocking 1,500 plastic bottles per second, a total of 50 billion each year. About 73 percent of those bottles wind up in a landfill, but the SodaBIB project thinks it can turn massive beverage consumption into a new, green way to live.

The project is still in the prototype phase, but once completed, the SodaBIB will be shipped in a pallet that would be easily deconstructed with few to no tools. A vault-shaped lumber roof is put in place, followed by the pallet pieces and the spent bottles that line them. It’s a form of housing that anyone can build, the creators say, which is why they want to bring it to the world.

Creator Jason Van Nest recently launched a Kickstarter project for SodaBIB. They’re looking to turn their idea into reality by creating their first, full-scale mockup. The mockup and construction will be headed up by two licensed architects and New York Institute of Technology professors.

“For better or worse, water bottles are being shipped all over the world, used once, and being discarded. In relief areas, and developing countries, we can help people make shelter from these materials,” Van Nest writes on the Kickstarter page.

The SodaBIB roof is specifically designed for tropical climates, protecting from torrential rain and letting hot air escape.

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