Monday, December 17, 2012

New Bin Takes Recycling to Every Room

New Bin Takes Recycling to Every Room

Decorative Recycling Bin
The BinBisa Decorative Recycler was designed to make recycling a part of your daily life. Photo: BinBisa Decorative Recycler

For many people, recycling is a chore relegated to kitchen bins and outdoor receptables. But what if recycling happened in every room, several times a day?

That’s the concept behind the BinBisa, a new decorative recycler designed for the places where recycling doesn’t always happen: the bedroom, bathroom, hotel rooms, dorms, office workspaces and other smaller spaces.

The BinBinsa Decorative Recycler is the brainchild of teacher-artist Laura Rodriguez, who hopes the product will help transform the way people think about recycling. “I designed the BinBisa to replace the trash can as a human tool," Rodriguez tells Earth911.

Rodriguez spent months studying waste bin design to create an attractive and practical alternative to conventional trash bins. The result is the BinBisa, a sleek, functional bin that maximizes space without taking up more room than the average trash can. Every bin features two compartments that allow users to easily dispose of and sort everyday refuse. The bin's removable inserts make it easy to recycle the pre-sorted trash items.

“People don’t recycle for two main reasons; convenience and lack of education,” says Rodriguez. “I wanted to design a tool that would address both of these problems.” Rodriguez hopes the BinBisa will help users learn more about what can be recycled and provide an attractive, simple way to make recycling a more frequent practice. To this end, Rodriguez has created motivational quotes for the BinBisa packaging, such as "Change your tool. Change your habit. Change your world," and "One step, made by millions, is a movement."

And what is the inspiration behind the product's exotic-sounding name, BinBisa? The first part of the name is self-explanatory; bin, as in recycling bin. And Bisa? “It means ‘can’ in Indonesian,” says Rodriguez. “The verb 'can.' As in, this bin can change your habits.”
Currently, Rodriguez is selling the BinBisa Decorative Recycler at local street fairs, farmer's markets and private parties. She hopes consumer demand will eventually land the product on store shelves

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