Sunday, February 3, 2013

Both Teams Will Win Today

NFL director speaks on Super Bowl recycling

The Environmental Program Director of the NFL, Jack Groh, has spoken out on recycling methods after Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII has been played.

Groh explained how he started his job 20 years ago and has expanded the effort to guarantee the huge sporting event is as energy efficient as is humanly possible while reducing any harmful impact it will have on the environment. Partnerships with local non-profit groups in New Orleans, where the game will be staged, have been helping Groh to make sure extra food and supplies end up where they are most needed in a city that is still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Groh explained that the NFL has always tried to be proactive in its attempt to stay ahead of the pack with this year’s initiatives including solid waste management and recycling, the preparation of food recovery and the donation of materials. In order to encourage others to limit the impact they have on the environment, contractors and events managers have received a “Greening Guide” that comes filled with guidelines to plan accommodations, meetings, transportation, food service and events.

Groh noted that many of the efforts may also save money by not requiring costs to remove such high amounts of waste as usual.

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