Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Letters to Mother Earth

Love Letters to Mother Earth

Photo: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911

This Valentine’s Day, Earth911 decided that expressions of affection shouldn’t be limited to couples only; we wanted to show Mother Earth some love. We asked our readers and staff to come up with their Valentine’s love letters to Mama Earth, and here’s what they wrote:

“Roses are red,
The Earth's green and blue.
You take care of Mother Earth,
She'll take care of you.”

-- Leah Blunt, Fulfillment Editor, Earth911

“Earth Mother, Earth Mother
What would we do
If the streams dried up
And the skies weren’t blue?

Earth Mother, Earth Mother
I promise this to you
I will do all I can
To take care of you.”

-- Jeannea Spence, Eastern Media Sales Director, Earth911

“Dear Mother Earth,
Roses are red, violets are blue, and I'm grateful to you for those things and the rest of the beautiful planet we're lucky enough to live on! I promise to do my best to keep this planet clean and green.
Love, Becky.”
-- Becky Striepe, Earth911 reader, via Facebook

"Hey Mother Earth, I cho-cho-choose you…okay, I stole that from 'The Simpsons,' but the sentiment is all me!
Love, Raquel.”
 -- Raquel Fagan, Vice President, Media and Partnerships, Earth911

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Recycling takes old materials
And turns them into something new."

-- Alexis Petru, Staff Writer, Earth911

“Oh, Mother Nature. How can I express my love for you?
I couldn't think of a way. So, I wrote a haiku!

Your spindly trees,
Bright green grass and warming sun
Beams make my day. Hooray!”

-- Mary Mazzoni, Staff Writer, Earth911

Mother Earth,
Be Mine
(and my children's)
(and their children's)
(and their children's)
(and their children's)

...You get the idea.
Love, Leah.”
-- Leah Blunt, Fulfillment Editor, Earth911

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