Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yarn Made From Recycled Newspaper

SEE: Yarn Made From Recycled Newspaper

Ivano Vitali, newspaper yarn, newspaper, yarn, crochet, ball of yarn, knitting
Photo: Ivano Vitali/artnest.it
The list of "trashy fashion" creations grows longer every day - shoes made from plastic bottles, underwear made from wood and even a gown made from Ford Focus parts. But when we saw Italian artist Ivano Vitali's crochet pieces made from recycled newspaper, we had to take a closer look.

Vitali tears recycled newsprint into strips and expertly twists into balls of yarn without adding glue, coloring or silicone, reports ecouterre. He then uses custom-made needles and hooks - some as long as 8 feet - to crochet the newspaper yarn into stylish and functional fashion
pieces, the site reported.

The artist, who has been dappling in the use of recycled materials for more than three decades, calls his creations "zero-impact global art," as it requires nothing but trash (and loads of man-hours).
poncho, yarn, crochet, knit, knitting, Ivano Vitali, newspaper, newspaper yarn
Photo: Ivano Vitali/artnest.it

Vitali uses his innovative newspaper yarn to crochet everyday pieces like vests, socks and this stylish poncho, which was created using a giant crochet hook for a unique appearance. His work also includes tapestries, hats and even a wedding gown made from newsprint.
To get a closer look at Vitali's crochet collection made from newspaper, head to the artist's online portfolio - which includes current installations and exhibitions dating back to 1994.

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