Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Wardrobe Need a Refresh?

Fall Wardrobe Need a Refresh? Swap, Donate or Recycle Those Duds

Feature from Mary Mazzoni

Swapping out your summer clothes for fall fashions? Now’s the time to donate those gently used duds.

The air is crisper, the days are shorter and sweater weather is surely upon us. As you’re making room for all those cool-season clothes in your closet, take the opportunity to free yourself of items you no longer wear.

That shrunken tank top or over-ruffled blouse may be just what another shopper needs to avoid buying new, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that comes with unloading the stuff you don’t want or need. Here are some recycling solutions that may surprise you, from selling trendy fashions online to diverting damaged clothing from landfills.

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