Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Green Fontier

Earthships Explore the Next Frontier of Sustainable Living

It’s What’s Inside That Counts
The unique design element is just one thing that sets earthships apart from traditional housing. The systems contain and reuse all household sewage in indoor treatment cells, which lets it then be used in food production and landscaping. This approach allows for indoor gardens (or even jungles) to provide fresh produce for homeowners.

Toilets use greywater for flushing rather than running on a city sewage system, and earthships harvest water from rain and snow, which is used for everything from drinking to bathing to washing clothes. They depend upon thermal heating and cooling, and produce their own electricity with solar and wind power.

“This is the way all housing is going to look when there is no more oil,” says Jacobsen. “People are going to have to realize that they can collect power, grow food, and heat and cool their home. Whether people adopt that way of thinking and learn how to live that way before there’s a crisis is up to them.”

The Earthship Biotecture headquarters is home to several units that can be toured or rented for the night, further allowing people to experience life inside for a night or a weekend.

“That helps sell them,” Jacobsen says. “Once people experience them, they become more interested in owning one. We’re not out to convince people to pursue them; we’re just here to help.”

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